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        The Directorate of Information Publicity, erstwhile known as the Directorate of Information Publicity and Tourism, was established in 1956. It was bifurcated in 1986, and the Directorate of Information and Publicity became a separate entity and has assumed significance over the years. The Director, Information and publicity is the Head of office and is assisted by four Assistant Directors in the head-quarters. The Directorate has a branch office at Karaikal, headed by an Assistant Director. He looks after the Public Relations aspects of the District Administration of Karaikal. The Directorate has also posted one Pubic Relations Assistant each at Yanam and Mahe as well, and they work under the respective Regional Administrators.

        The objectives of the Directorate being multi-dimensional, the Directorate has different sections, namely, the Protocol Section, the Press Section, the Publicity Section and the Publication and Exhibition Section. Each section functions under an independent branch officer of the rank of Assistant Director.

Objectives of the Department

  • To effectively propagate the ideas, schemes, policies of the Government through the mass media
  • To create awareness among people, particularly among rural masses about the welfare measures undertaken by the Government through publicity, publication of periodicals, exhibitions, song and drama embodying folk traditions and multi media campaigns
  • To function as a nodal department for release of advertisements of various Government Departments, Undertakings, Corporations
  • Honouring renowned leaders by celebrating their birth, and observing their death, anniversaries
  • Erection of statues of leaders
  • Honouring freedom fighters on the occasion of national celebrations like the Independence and Republic Day
  • Conduct of film festivals-- Indian Panorama, French Film Festivals, Children's Film Festivals, etc.
  • To establish proper media relations to enable the Government to effectively implement its policies
  • To promote better understanding between the Government and the public
  • Welfare of media persons working in the Union Territory of Puducherry
  • Protocol functions like organizing reception, transport, accommodation, and hospitality for VIPs and State guests visiting the Union Territory
  • Organizing solemn occasions like the Independence day, Republic Day and Swearing in ceremonies

Protocol Section

Press Section

  • To effectively propagate the ideas, schemes, policies of the Government through the mass media
  • Organizes Press Meets/ Conferences/Press Releases for the Government
  • Arranges media, photographic coverage for the Government functions
  • Maintains media list, issues identity cards, accreditation cards to the media persons as per government rules, guidelines.
  • Attempts to form the advertisement policy of the Government, issues special advertisements on important occasions as per established practice.
  • Publicizes tender notices of all Government departments in Newspapers based on roasters and extent of coverage required.
  • Brings out special supplements in Newspapers and magazines on Puducherry and the activities / achievements of the Government.
  • During election times, establishes and manages the Media Centre in the Chief Secretariat to ensure smooth information flow to the Media.

Welfare Measures for Media Persons

Publication and Exhibition Section

  • Disseminates information on policies and programmes and achievements of the Government through exhibitions, the mass media.
  • Creates awareness among people, particularly among rural masses about welfare measures of the Government through publicity.
  • Publication of speeches of the Lt. Governor and Chief Minister during the Independence day and Republic Day
  • Forwards daily Press Clippings to the Lt. Governor, Chief Minister, Ministers and Secretaries in the Government to apprise them of the public feed back on Administration
  • Establishes and help running Radio Rural Forums & Community TV viewing centres.
  • Distributes Government calendars, Diaries to all Government Offices including Central Government Offices.

Publicity Section

  • Paying honour to renowned leaders by celebrating their birth and observing their death anniversaries respectively.(Click here to see dates of memorial days of national/regional leaders)

  • Organizes French Film Festivals, Children's Film Festivals, and Indian Panorama at Puducherry

  • Erects statues of leaders as per policies of the Government.

  • Places wreaths at the French War Memorial.

  • Maintains State Information Centre cum Reference Libraries at various places in the Union Territory.

  • Distributes Publicity Literature, Posters, Slides, Pamphlets, etc. for the Government.

  • Highlights developmental programmmes/activities of the Government using video projectors, slide projectors, and screening of films in rural areas.

  • Creates awareness on social problems like evils of drinking, AIDS, untouchability, dowry menace, child labour, atrocities on women, abortion of female fetus, etc. through Song and Drama in the line of folk traditions.

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